Wire EDM machines use a continual feed of electrically charged brass wire to burn away metals instead of using a traditional cutting tool. The electrically charged wire creates a superheated spark between itself and the workpeice to vaporize the metal. Once the metal has been removed, deionized water flushes through the gap left by the wire. As the cuts with the heat created by the spark, there is never any contact between wire and workpeice, which eliminates the possibility of deflection or chatter.

There are five axes on which all EDM machines operate, X, Y and Z, as well as the U & V axes which are used to cut tapers. An optional 6th axis, W, allows for the use of an indexing or rotary table.

Advantages of Wire EDM:

● provides high precision
● burr free process
● surface finishes of 5RMS are achievable
● up to 20” part thickness
● allows for automation
● the harder the material the better the machining process

Wire EDM Manufacturers:

● Mitsubishi
● Agie Charmilles
● Fanuc
● Makino
● Ona


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