About Sodick

Sodick designs and builds wire EDMs, CNC sinker EDMs, small EDMs, and high speed machining centers out of their 6 ISO certified factories. Sodick specializes in the production of EDM machines that are used to cut precision parts that cannot be machined using traditional machine tools.  Sodick also manufactures CNC machines that are used for the production of dies and molds as well as other various applications.

Additional information about Sodick:

10_Year_Sodick_Warranty10-Year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee

Sodick offers a 10-Year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee on their linear motor driven Wire and Sinker EDMs.  Sodick guarantees that you will not lose any accuracy within the linear motor drives.  When using ball screws, the motor drives start to lose accuracy after only two years.  After five years of constant use, the ball screws need to be replaced.  With a Sodick EDM, that is never a worry.  Sodick has been offering EDMs with linear motor drives since 1999. Not once has anyone come to Sodick with lost accuracy problems. This feat has increased their confidence and enabled Sodick to offer this guarantee.  We hope that this guarantee gives you the peace of mind you want when choosing a Sodick EDM.

Sodick Factory

Photos taken from the Sodick Thailand manufacturing plant.  The Thailand ISO certified plant was established in 1988 and is the main manufacturing force for the Sodick Group.  An engineer inspects a wire EDM machine geometry with a master square.

Sodick Factory

EDM Types

There are 3 types of EDMs.

Wire EDMs are the most common and use a continual feed of charged wire to erode conductive material.  Wire EDMs can attain finishes down to 5RMS & tolerances within 0001″.

CNC Sinker EDMs use graphite or cooper electrodes to erode metal.  They are often used to produced tooling like dies and molds.

Small Hole EDMs use copper diameter electrodes to EDM high speed holes ranging from .012″ to .120″ diameter.

Sodick EDM

Need more information?

For more information on the product line call 248-786-3000 and we will put you in touch with the sales representative for your area.